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Jimco Acoustics, Inc. 

Tenant Services is a division of Jimco Acoustics, inc. that offers a variety of services to tenants in various categories of commercial properties. Tenant Services will do anything from minor repairs and installations to large scale renovations of office and retail spaces. A list of the various services we offer is below. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Info@jimcoacoustics.net for more information. 

241 GA HWY 81 S, Oxford, GA 30054           678-625-9411      Info@JimcoAcoustics.net

  • Painting & Touchup
  • Wall & Ceiling Adds or Repairs
  • New Offices
  • Wood blocking for Wall Mount Fixtures
  • Door & Window Adds
  • Warehouse Equipment & Repairs
  • Cabinetry Adds & Repairs
  • Wood Trim
  • Picture, Sign, and Whiteboard Hanging
  • Wall Mount Flat screen Install
  • Electrical Work
  • Flooring
  • Projection Screen & Projector Mounts
  • Window Film & Blinds
  • Restroom Equipment
  • Electrical Services
  • And Many Other Specialty Needs!